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Precision Spectra™

Designed for more coverage, more flexibility, and advanced control, the Precision Spectra SCS System is engineered to provide more pain relief to a broader spectrum of patients.  For more information on Precision Spectra please visit our physicians support site at


SmoothWave™ Technology

When you control movement of the central point of stimulation along the spinal cord in increments as small as a human hair, you can target the area of pain for unparalleled accuracy. That's SmoothWave Technology.


Only Precision Plus with SmoothWave Technology offers this level of control. Single-source systems do not.



Compare the effects of impedance over time on various systems: 

Smoothwave Technology (Independent Sources and Constant Current) vs. Single Source (Constant Current) vs. Single Source (Constant Voltage).


Percutaneous Leads

Unmatched lead options designed to make your life smoother. Now with new percutaneous leads and splitters, Boston Scientific provides the most percutaneous lead configuration options of any SCS manufacturer. Designed for steerability and durability, all Boston Scientific leads are engineered for results and powered by Smoothwave Technology.


Paddle Lead

Powered by Smoothwave Technology™, the Artisan Surgical Lead is engineered for superb results. When you precisely control the amount of current flow from each and every one of the 16 contacts - not too much, not too little -your spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system can optimize pain relief and maximize effectiveness. The Artisan Surgical Lead delivers smart features designed to enhance durability and help the implant procedure go smoothly.


Zero Volt™ Technology

Peace of Mind from Battery Over-discharge: Precision Plus is the only SCS system with Zero-Volt battery technology.1,2,3,4 During the life of any rechargeable SCS system, a patient might discharge the battery hundreds of times. With conventional Lithium Ion batteries used in all other rechargeable SCS systems, even a single incidence of overdischarge can result in permanent battery damage or failure. However, Zero-Volt Technology means that patients won't damage their battery in the event of patient noncompliance with the charging routine.


SCS System Product Comparison Chart

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